Mom photographs baby in different costume every day until Halloween

A New York mom has made it her goal to dress her baby in a different Halloween costume every day during the month of October in celebration of Halloween.

Jessica Chavkin has been taking photos of her 4-month-old son in her homemade costumes and posting them on Instagram and now Noah has become a viral sensation on with thousands of likes and fans.

One day Noah’s a Maverick fighter pilot wearing cool shades, the next he’s a ski bum in a snowflake sweater and adorable moose knit cap. Another day he’s dressed as Jean Valjean from Les Miserables, wearing a striped prisoner’s uniform and lying on a French flag.

Chavkin puts together most of the costumes by rummaging through her closets and pulling from Noah’s wardrobe Sometimes she finds herself sewing and getting crafty.

Chavkin has over 20 costumes under her belt with another 10 or so to create before Halloween day. She says it’s nearly impossible to pick her favorite and what it really comes down to is which costumes Noah enjoyed the most.

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar was Noah’s favorite photo shoot because he loved trying to wiggle out of the caterpillar sack and he was cracking up throughout the photo shoot which was so cute and so much fun for me,” she says.

“Monopoly was a lot of fun to shoot because he kept trying to lick his mustache and I think he was a little disappointed when I took it off at the end.

“I also really loved the Viking and Top Gun costumes and Noah was hilarious during those shoots. We’ve had so much fun doing this together it’s really hard to pick.”

Chavkin is a former corporate attorney who recently left her career to launch a children’s fashion company, Teeny Tiny Couture, officially launching in two months.

“I started this company when I realized that baby companies focus so much on the parents but there’s a whole group of people, the gift givers, who have to give a ton of baby gifts but don’t always know what parents need,” Chavkin told SFGate.

“Enter Teeny Tiny Couture, which is full of all of the baby basics that parents can’t get enough of like bibs, burp clothes, blankets and onesies in designs that are anything but basic.”

With so many costumes how will Chavkin ever choose what Noah will wear on Halloween day? Well, that’s actually a secret.

“I’ve just made the final decision on Noah’s Halloween day costume and he gets a bonus costume on Saturday, November 1, to coordinate with Peter and my costume for our annual Halloween party, but those are both a secret until the big day, everyone will just have to wait and see!”

You’ll have to visit Chavkin’s Instagram page to find out: